Monday, 10 January 2011

F.U January night (REVIEW)

Many people were poor. Many bedridden with flu.  Many people snowed in. Many deluded with the fantasy of a new clean cut lifestyle involving no beer, no fags and a an overpriced gym membership.

 but there was also a swarm of music fans who cancelled the gym membership, downed some lemsip, dived  into the snowplough mobile and attended Pivo Pivo for beer, free pizza and live music on January 8th to unite and repeatedly shout `Fuck You January` at various intervals.

The night was opened by Homesick Aldo. A natural born entertainer who came all the way from Fife to deliver a set so good and concise that the mind boggles as to how he actually finds time to breathe throughout. All he has onstage is himself, a harmonica and a snare drum and when the blusey harmonica briefly stops he belts out a soulful vocal  from the heart that demands the attention of his audience. A true original who danced around Pivo with passion and panache.

Next on was Sleepy Eyes Nelson who kept the January blues away and continued the bluesey theme nicely where Aldo had left off. Ive seen Sleepy a few times and he never fails to deliver. Just one man and a guitar who makes a soundtrack live that belongs in a classical yesteryear of smokey bars, Pretty broads and poker games that descend into Jack Daniels benders and an eventual arrest from a stuffy detective dressed like Colombo but definitely not Colombo. I especially enjoyed his epic version of `You Dont Steal From Me`  with lyrics such as `I Keep a hammer under my pillow/ I keep it there for Mr.Intruder` all sang with a rather matter-of-fact charm. How could you not?

Next up was PHLOX who were playing without their frontwoman Alison who was unfortunately snowed in. PHLOX plowed on through and created a psychedelic wall of sound with effects galore that hit you like a ton of LSD. Trippy and mystical the boys did good and bonus points for not cancelling despite an absent band member that would have scared most off from playing.

The last act Colour Cells were in celebratory mood as Andy Kelly (Drums) was having a birthday bash and this was their first gig since Doc (Vocals/ Guitar) became a father for the first time. The boys are currently recording a Debut E.P/ Album which I cant wait to hear as their recordings on myspace dont quite do the band justice as their live set is full of potential hits and pack a punch with sweping Pixies style harmonies with a cutting edge of grunged out effects. Filled with soul, meaning and anthemic choruses brought together with perfect rythym. The band loves their music and it shows which propels their likeability to greater heights. Even after a shandy or 2 they never missed a beat and sounded tight throughout.

 They were joined onstage by Homesick Aldo for `Roughman`s Blues`  (a song he had never even heard before) all he knew was that the song `was in G` and he played along with it as if he had been in the band for years. A definite highlight of the night for sure.  as was the other surprise cameo of Alara the Romanian Rose seller joining onstage with the Traffic Cone F.U January festivities.

Next Traffic Cone events coming up ......

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Feb 3rd @ Pivo- The Alternative Burn`s Supper

Feb 19th @ Soundhaus- Live & Underground

Feb 25th @ Taylors, Kilwinning- A Thunderous Night of Rock for Scottish Cancer Support

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