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F. U January.... This Saturday (08/01/2010)

Im not the type to blame calendars for bad times. I dont believe in the phrase `Cant get wait to get this year out of the way` after you`ve had a rough time of it. Every new day is a new year with new opportunities to do something new, something different. You can change what your doing at any point. BUT.... having said all of that, January is a bit of a bitch. Everyone`s hungover, suffering from come-downs, Loaded with the flu, disappointed  with a below par Christmas holiday, everyone is skint from consumerism and hedonism and the trains are usually fucked!  Normally I hibernate as much as possible to avoid the cold, dead eyes and the commuter misery. However, not this year. Im gonna throw a party on Saturday to get rid of those January blues with a perfect antidote of beautiful, soulful music that will ease you back into reality

Top of the bill is Colour Cells  who make harmonic soothing pop rock that packs a punch. Beach Boys harmonies with a dash of Beatles and a catchy Weezer (Good Weezer) edge. Half the boys fare from Ayrshire, Half from Glasgow and it`s the drummer Andy Kelly`s birthday (a master of all trades in his own right) They are currently recording their first studio CD which will hopefully do their frantic note perfect live shows justice 

Before Colour Cells headline expect a large slice of  easy listening psycadelia from PHLOX. I first came across Willie Copelands other project Alien Pig years ago. True Glasgow legends of the underground of the last decade (s) . and the PHLOX incarnation blew me away with Alison joining in on vocals. She sounds brilliant and you can tell they have fun when they strut their stuff live.

Phlox- Spin & Crawl

Next up on the bill is Scottish blue`s legend Sleepy Eyes Nelson. He`s played with us before and there will be nothing like a blues genius to rid you of those January blues. He sings and plays from the heart, Looks impossibly  too young to be capable of the complex technique involved in playing what he does. He has over 100 videos on youtube so I`ve just randomly picked one below 

Sleepy Eyes Nelson- Some Cold Rainy Day

Last but certainly not least is Homesick Aldo who will open proceedings with a harmonica, a snare and a voice that will will make you take notice. Nobody does with Aldo does. It`s refreshingly different and passionate. He takes a retro idea and adds his own punk style twist to proceedings. This will be first time I`ve seen him in the flesh but the many reviews and vids I`ve seen make it highly anticipated

Homesick Aldo

As you can see it`s a fantastic line up, we will have top banter and  FREE PIZZA, cheap drink promos, a special guest host/D.J and a few surprises up our sleeve. Let`s try start January with a bang rather than a whimper slumped under a quilt. Lets send a little message out to the first month of the year.... 
 Fuck You January! This time we wont back down. 

£3 entry
doors 7.30pm 
Facebook Event page below...

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